Revolutionizing the Industry

Working with high-end vehicles 24/7 made the revolutionary invention of the KC Slider a no brainer. Really, why didn’t somebody think of this before? Statistics show that about 80 percent of the damage to your high-end vehicles comes while loading, unloading or transporting them. KC Slider™ inventor, Brint Freeman, thought up a loading platform that really would revolutionize the high-end vehicle industry and save thousands of dollars from damaged vehicles.

The unique sliding ramp allows unimpeded access to the vehicle while the specially engineered straps developed by KC Slider™ are pulled in place around the vehicle’s tires. The vehicle’s suspension is not tied down. Securing a car by its tires is far safer and practical than binding down a car’s suspension. This tie down system allows one to never touch any part of the vehicle during the tie down process.

Because the loading platform is outside the trailer, there’s no crawling underneath or wriggling out the door or window. “There was a serious industry need that wasn’t being fulfilled,” says KC Slider™ “I’ve personally damaged high-end vehicles during the transport process without any intention at all. It’s just too easy to damage vehicles, even for the most careful person.

Now, KC Slider™ has become a household name. KC Slider™ was born and the automobile world will never be the same!